Interesting Facts

The best time for IVF – spring and summer in this British researchers believe that until recently have studied various factors affecting the efficacy of IVF. The result of their study, which was attended by about 3 thousands of women, was the conclusion that the success of this procedure is highly dependent on the season. More best was summer and late spring. The researchers believe that this is due to an increase in day length, which entails an increase in the sensitivity of the female body to the hormones that regulate the activity of the gonads. Many embryos – always better? The press has been much debate about how many embryos should be transplant patient during IVF. The beginning of the dispute was the decision of the Office of Human Fertilisation and Embryology in Britain renouncing the practice of transplanting more embryos during IVF. Reproduction insist on the transplant no more than one embryo.

This requirement is a high percentage of physicians account for the probability of multiple pregnancies and the complications of it, which adversely affects the health of mothers and children. On Statistics for 2002-2003. One quarter of operations ended in the treatment of infertility twins. Opponents of this view argue that single embryo transfer significantly reduces a woman’s chances of getting pregnant. 60 years? No problem! Very old woman, who bore children during infertility treatment IVF has a 67-year-old Spanish woman Carmela, who gave birth to twins in 2006 in a hospital in Barcelona. However, she deceived doctors to get permission for artificial insemination. The documents, which she gave the clinic, she convinced the doctors that her 55 years.

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