Installation Instructions

Resistant to atmospheric and chemical influences: no cracks, no flaking, no chalk on the sun does not rot, rust, resists impact. The main requirement is to ensure that the installation of technology mobility of all structural elements in thermal expansion and contraction. Under the influence Fire the material melts and does not support the active burning. In addition to the functions of protective and decorative siding has a good quality – it helps to put an extra layer of insulation. This contributes to the conservation of heat and energy savings.

In addition, for new construction, this measure leads to a saving of brick and lightweight construction. A wide range of colors. From the tranquil pastel to dark spectacular. Appearance panel simulates a wooden 'bunk' with the texture of a natural tree. Vinyl cladding, designed for quick and easy installation, has holes for the nails and reliable latches.

Does not require high performing qualifications. Follow the recommendations of the 'Installation Instructions' (but with serious difficulties still refer to the professionals), and success is assured. Decking, Paul, baseboards, Vyksa, deking, Balakhna, Decking, Volga Siding does not require cleaning, impregnating protective compounds, varnish over the entire lifetime. Scratch the surface of the panels will not spoil, since the material is colored throughout. To save attractive appearance with vinyl lining enough to periodically wash off the dirt with it. The advantage of the siding is low maintenance costs relative to traditional finishing materials. This is not the entire list of properties of vinyl siding, but it is sufficient to provide the benefits associated with its use.

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