Innovation Program

By the way, about the innovation is a prime example. Pursuing the implementation of computer accounting at the store, we constantly have to watch the ratio of sellers to store this innovation. It is noticed that in successful commercial enterprises to automate the store manager puts notify all staff. At the meeting, explain to people about stuff like that, that: "We have a great team, we have so many products, we need to work with customers – all this makes it necessary to improve the organization of our work. As a manager, I decided to install a computer program to account for – and this will facilitate the work vendors and warehouse, and help better service for customers and provide them with additional services that no program can not be realized.

We must evolve and be different from our competitors. All this will allow all We operate profitably and, ultimately, improve the welfare of each of us. " So, in these teams there is a marked unity, vendors actively developing a program offering options such as to best organize the reception and labeling of goods, simulate possible situations and are wondering what to do in a given case. Employees feel ownership of improvement store and are enthusiastic in future. Conversely, in those shops where the owner by virtue of employment or management style does not conduct interviews with staff warning about the coming changes, one can see that the corporate climate of "lame". Salespeople perceive the introduction of computer accounting as interference in the usual-established pattern of work (and maybe even fraud, who knows?), develop a program sluggish, "psycho" if something does not work, are outraged at the fact that have to examine, criticize the new style of work and so on.

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