Innovation On Fast Laying

Safe radiation protection with lead wallpaper X-READY Krefeld, August 2011 whether in doctor’s offices, hospitals, or laboratories where X-rays and gamma rays are used, one hundred percent radiation protection must be ensured. The Rohr + Stolberg GmbH, Germany’s leading company in the field of lead processing, has now launched an innovation on the market, with the dry farmer at the same time quickly and safely rooms can protect from rays: the new self-adhesive lead wallpaper X-READY to move quite easily directly from the roll. Flexible and easy to handle X-READY advantage is in addition to the simple installation flexibility. With a thickness of 0.5 mm to 2 mm, the lead wallpaper is extremely space-saving and ideal for demanding room conditions. It is liable new as old surfaces, curves and curves. The drywall installers can customize X READY according to the spatial requirements of on-site and cut. Where used in existing buildings at the sealing of doors, corners and protrusions complicated Solutions for the Assembly of heavy composite panels had to be found, the lead wallpaper comes today quick and easy to use. Depending on the application requirements, it can be applied or before laminated on plasterboard directly on the wall.

Also doors can be sealed with X-READY strahlensicher. Guaranteed security our innovative lead wallpaper X-READY is absolutely safe both in handling and in effect. “Extensive quality tests at the Technical University of Darmstadt have taken this”, explains production manager Christoph Kissenbeck, who was instrumental in the development. So a special adhesive provides a fixed mounted also on various substrates. The homogeneous surface meets the highest hygiene and offers users protection during the processing.

The thickness of shielding can be increased easily by multiple bonding of lead wallpaper. For the sealing of joints between two strips of wallpaper, there are self-adhesive lead strips represents an alternative solution the overlapping bonding. The thickness of the material produced only in the Plustoleranzbereich, so that a maximum radiation protection is always guaranteed. Too loud? Lead wallpaper x-READY as soundproof as X-READY is perfect for safe radiation protection in terms of X-rays and gamma rays, as well as in the reliable shield against electromagnetic radiation. The lead wallpaper protects equipment against electromagnetic interference for example in computer and server rooms. At the same time, the innovative product protects against noise. Thus X-READY proves itself viable alternative to thick foam insulation, cellulose or wood-fibre insulation boards and gypsum board. In concert halls, schools or kindergartens attached X-READY provides for a better neighborhood and greater comfort at home and in the workplace. The new lead wallpaper is available in the current role dimensions of 62 and 100 cm width, with a length between 3 m and 10 m. Other dimensions, geometries and different colours can be manufactured on request. Supplied as roll or on request as plan product.

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