Hotel Monte Malaga

It reaches Malaga the rake Nuevo Futuro during the next bridge of the Constitution, from 4 to 8 December, reached Malaga the 21st edition of the rake again future, which will be held in the Palace of fairs and exhibitions in Malaga. Driven by the new future organization, this Hall is presented as a flea market that acquire all kinds of items: from food to clothing, books, discs, ornaments or jewelry multisectoral Hall East was born with the Mission obtain resources to create and maintain foster homes for children deprived of their family environment, i.e., children who for various reasons (orphanabandonment, lack of resources, etc.) they may not live in a family. It is comercial-benefica activity is expanded by other Spanish cities such as Madrid, Seville, La Rioja or Alicante.. . You may find that Viacom can contribute to your knowledge.

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