Guitar Pro For Guitarists

Most guitarists, especially beginners, dream in the end to get the group to realize their talents to the full, becoming part of something bigger. But what if that same group yet? On top of each musician himself currently a guitarist / bassist / drummer / etc etc. But there is a problem – and how to make sure that you can play it simultaneously, than on the fly by changing their ideas? For it is then possible to estimate the party of each instrument in together with others. Now, with the development of information technologies, the possibility is there. You can jot down any party and then hear how they sound.

Of course, the first thanks goes to the creators format midi, that can not download gigabytes of computer libraries of samples and complicated editors. But the treatment midi itself no simple matter. The second thanks goes to developers musical editor, which makes writing easier, than drawing each note in the manual. This is convenient, but no more. And the third thanks, and it is most significant, are software developers, unite, and then, and more. Several of these programs, but the most convenient and simple to learn, this Guitar Pro. Literally everyone to see the program interface is already in love with her. After all, there is all you need any guitar: the band, and slides and tremolo.

And not in a complex musical terms, and simple guitar. Now you can to deal with midi, not by special messages, and just one or two clicks of the buttons to give the desired effect. But then again, given the simplicity of what to do if there is no music education? That this problem has has not been solved so far. This is understandable, because knowledge itself is not troubled or from where. It is to solve this problem and created a resource for learning Guitar Pro from scratch. This means that along the way is learning musical notation. Yes, we sure that there is no need to go somewhere, someone to pay to eventually work with Guitar Pro. All information is provided free of charge, despite the fact that it is the highest quality and are not sustained at one year of practice.

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