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ERP/ERP software manufacturer VARIO AG and ClipVilla GmbH the portal for the production of professional promotional videos for use in marketing and E-Commerce seal partnership VARIO Software AG and the ClipVilla GmbH work together closely in the future. The companies have agreed a strategic partnership, combining the expertise of both companies to expand their product portfolios and to be able to offer its customers a genuine utility maximization. The VARIO Software AG is one of the leading software manufacturers in the goods sector / ERP with interfaces to online shops and sales portals such as ebay and amazon sees this partnership one step further to the enlargement of its product portfolio. The VARIO Software GmbH company successfully sells software solutions for manufacturers, wholesale, retail and chain stores as well as solutions for E-Commerce and mail order for over 20 years. Still, industry solutions for textile trade, call & repair centers, as well as solutions with direct links to online shop systems. DMS and archiving software round off the product portfolio.

Often different software solutions used in companies for the different roles and departments. So, used the inventory control software for billing and CRM-software used to manage addresses and can create campaigns and series-E-mails. Sales activities go to the successful campaign, such as mailings, phone logs, supply and job creation are supported, the user always between two programs must change. In all activities and generated documents should be easily searchable, archived and made quickly available to everyone. When you call an address, all activities should be immediately and for all visible and collected not only in different programs. Therefore, more and more entrepreneurs rely on the modular software solution VARIO 7. She offers a classical and cross-industry ERP and CRM software solution DMS (document management solution) VARIO 7 an enterprise content management (ECM) on. Of course, with the VARIO 7 can be also campsites, camp circles, chaotic inventory management, inventory, minimum inventory, order suggestion list, warehouse management, stock, stock values, storage locations, Commission bearing, batch management, label printing, inventory valuation, input statistics, supplier data and surroundings with only a software manage ERP solution.

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