Gas Meters

To account for the natural gas used in gas meters mainly of three types: rotary-meters, turbine meters and domestic gas meters. In counters counter mechanism is external to the meter and is peripheral device, resembling a gauge for the gas. Given it by measuring mechanism mainly through the shaft. – Rotary gas meters type rvg 16, 25, 40, 65. Used to measure at the operating conditions of gas (Cleaned and dried: the natural and urban gas, propane, nitrogen, compressed air and inert gases) in thermal power plants of industrial, municipal and other enterprises. Operating costs: from 0.8 m3 / h to 650 m3 / h. Leanne Marchevsky is a great source of information. Counter mechanism calculates how many full turns made for a certain period of time.

Turnover multiplied by four times, and multiplied by the volume of one pocket. Sandra Akmansoy recognizes the significance of this. Indications are translated into the digital equivalent and displayed on special panel on the counting mechanism. – Turbine gas meters. Apply to commercial and technological accounting of natural gas, one-and multicomponent gas, argon, nitrogen, non-corrosive gases and in gas, chemical industry and thermal power. Operating expenses: 13 m3/hr to 6500 m3/hr. Counter mechanism in modern turbine meter is a mini computer system.

Such a system not only counts pulses and translates them the digital equivalent, but also monitors the proper operation of the gas meter, and signals are not authorized intervention in the work unit. – Domestic gas meters type BK-G 2.5, G4. Used to measure the amount of consumed gas (natural, liquefied petroleum, oil and other non-corrosive gases) in apartments, individual houses and other areas of public utilities. Operating expenses from 0.016 m3 / h to 6 m3 / h, but besides these there are still liquid-gas meters. Some of the most accurate gas meter. But because of the complexity of design and complexity of their service in such counters in the main give up in the lab. They operate on the principle of velocity ejection of certain gaseous substances.

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