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Then it is good to use autoresponder program that manages your contacts and keeps them informed every time that you add content to your website. These are some examples of autoresponders: free Autoresponders: Elistas, Feedburner, etc payment Autoresponders: Aweber and Feedblitz. Ask your subscribers their opinion through surveys and votes. There are several programs that you can use such as Polldaddy or SurveyMonkey. Blogs: Ten other sites and blogs themselves because they will generate more traffic to your web space and will have more credibility in front of your users. This, over time, can make you’re considered an authority on the subject.

These are some free services on the Internet that allow you to insert links to your website and content and can use: i. for WordPress and Blogger blogs ii. Squidoo and Hubs used web pages for other blogs of your theme where you can leave comments interesting to know and establish credibility and respect. Register your blog to directories such as Technorati, (English only), BlogEsfera, Blogalaxia, Blogissimo, blogs, links RSS, Cruzaenlaces, Fresqui (News), (News), Negociame (News). Email signature: surprised to know the number of users who read the signature of the email and click on their links. In your e-mail signature you should also add your social bookmarks such as Linkdedln, Xing, Facebook, Hi5, Twitter,, Mininova, StumbleUpon, Technorati, Delicious, Addthis, Mixxclassic, Digg, your Skype,

Often uses Yahoo Answers: thanks to this platform to attract traffic specialist to your website since after writing your answer, you can add a link to your web space. Get your answers are interesting and provide good information to earn a good reputation. Many people look for information on the Internet and when read a good response, they trust you, which will make you continue to your web page. Before you start working with this tool, read the policies of utilization.

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