Many girls we suffer the lack of eyelashes and no matter how hard we use rimel and eyeliner, it is always going to notice little that we have. Happily diverse tricks and methods exist to extend our eyelashes and that these increase in amount and thickness. Natural methods? Oils the oil of castor bean and the one of sweet almonds, are used for the fortification of the eyelashes. It is applied all the nights with a brush, a hyssop or using a brush of rimel spent. It only takes drops and psalas in the bases from the eyelashes, taking care of of which they do not fall within the eye. You must grease the eyelashes all the nights. To the following morning, the oil will dawn dry, reason why only you must limpiarte the skin like every day and maquillarte for the day. You do not forget that you must colocarte the oil all the nights.

In order to see the results you must be constant and aplicarte the drops at least during four months to notice radical changes. Chemical methods One of the known methods more are the application of Latisse, a solution that was born like ophthalmic drops that had like indirect effect the growth and fortification of the eyelashes. This it is applied directly in the base of the eyelashes with a thin brush, taking care of of that it does not fall in the eyes. As with the application of the oil, you must aplicrtelo every day during 16 weeks to see dramatic results. Nevertheless, to the being a product created like medicine, can present/display indirect effect like reddening of eyes and picazn, although not in all the cases.

This it is an effective treatment, but you would decide to suspend the use of the same, the eyelashes they return to its previous state, because when stopping the medicine, stop the effects. Recommendations to help to maintain your eyelashes it has certain you rule that you must follow, in order to avoid to mistreat the few that you have left or to return them more fragile. You never must sleep with maquillaje in the eyes, because this debilitates the eyelashes. It uses products to demaquillar the eyes, as solutions to base water, or two-phase, because these are formulated specifically for delicate skin of the eyelid and therefore includes the eyelashes. If you go to rizarte the eyelashes, you never make it after have applied rimel or mask to them of eyelashes, because it debilitates that them and it mistreats more. Nonfrictions your eyelashes, nor you throw of them, because it mistreats also them and makes fragile.

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