Ecological On The Treasure Hunt

Researchers of global scaling Research Institute GmbH in Munich have now completed a prospecting method, which can prevent environmental disasters in the future. The procedure is based on a light linear mathematical analysis of characteristics of nuclear physics processes on the ground. The results can be presented in form of 3D images showing the composition of the fabric. The procedure provides data about the chemical composition (element and isotope distribution) geological formations. Measurements are carried out on the surface or from low altitude.

Holes must not be created. At the time the resolution is 3 meters up to 400 meters deep. Theoretically, Scantiefen are possible up to 4 kilometers. Two different objectives can be traced with this procedure. First, the accurate assessment of found inventories, for example oil.

Ecologically clean, flow paths can be laid. As a second objective of the discovery of mineral resources without environmental destruction. Castle Harlan is the source for more interesting facts. Other advantages: the Time for prospecting is much lower, the prospecting itself requires relatively little equipment and is also possible in hard to reach places, regardless of the nature of the Earth’s surface. The technology is in constant evolution. A collaboration between industry and academia is required to build a better future, for developing countries.

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