Distance Learning

At the moment we all live in the information world. More precisely, we lived in it always, but did not give such a high value of the methods for obtaining and processing information, methods of testing it on the accuracy and completeness. However, after in our rapidly changing world, every day is a huge number of information flows that we have to rank the degree of relevance and adequacy. To help people not to get lost in this world, to take him into service as may be more useful information while ignoring the unnecessary, to reduce the cost of finding and processing the necessary – that the main task of the Information Society. Roughly to the same problem seeks any educational institution: – namely, to give students with basic theoretical knowledge, to teach the use of new technologies for searching and processing information to show in practice the solution of certain problems specific to the subject. Therefore, the purpose of writing this article is to share experiences on the possible use in the teaching of financial analysis and other economic disciplines of various information technologies in the vast world of open electronic learning, actively employed in the U.S. and Europe.

Actualize and to standardize the curriculum of universities of different countries, giving students unlimited right to study in the framework of a unified professional educational environment in various educational institutions. Consequently, it is important to rethink the e-learning, its importance and usefulness. Under the information technology in education will understand the system methods and techniques of the educational process, providing the relationship between students and teachers through computer programs and telecommunications systems.

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