Dag Plischke Takes Over Regional Representation For IntraMakler

“” Dag acquires Plischke (WohnWell GmbH) regional representative for the real estate trade association IntrMakler Beverstedt, June 2010 Plischke Dag Managing Director of WohnWell GmbH with the real estate trade association IntrMakler”an agreement of the regional representative for the brand IntrMakler” and German architect “closed and takes over the care of the members in the area of Bremen, Bremerhaven and the districts of Cuxhaven and Osterholz-Scharmbeck. By partnering with the WohnWell GmbH, we continue the strengthening of the sector of community business in the real estate business! “, says the Managing Director of IntrMakler Koch GmbH, Jurgen Engelberth. “The platform box of Immobilisten” ( experts of the real estate (estate agents, architects, managers, banks) may offer free of charge your real estate for Community businesses. 7 / month, you can set objects of others”to market experts. The Business is settled among brokers then usually after the customs of business for Community businesses and achieved Commission equally divided. With the services offered by IntrMakler we can consistently further expand our portfolio for the benefit of the customer!”Dag Plischke is pleased with the conclusion of the contract, and gets to participate in all experts of the real estate industry in the network. “” He promises: once you have reached a certain number of members in the region, we will exchange experts under the motto of “regional tables organise”.

To the company IntrMakler Koch GmbH the Intramakler Koch GmbH deals real estate stock market and real estate network real estate wholesale real estate trade association with the 3 core issues. True to the motto: more homes, more customers and more notary appointments is the promotion of the business of community and the optimisation of the real estate portfolio in the foreground. As a networking company Intramakler and Managing Director Jurgen Engelberth with the lodge of wearing “Immobilisten” the status of an official XING Xpert Ambassador group “for the real estate industry. To the company WohnWell GmbH, the WohnWell GmbH was founded in April 2010 by the long-time management consultant Dag Plischke. Dag Plischke is Dipl.-ing. (FH) and certified real estate agent.

The high quality Lodge of the Immobilisten is through the continuous training in the field of real estate, new construction, modernization, energy efficiency and intensive exchange with the economy seniors Wesermunde and broker network”taken into account. More partnerships with brokers of the region, as well as national, leading providers of the real estate industry are planned for the future. The WohnWell GmbH has its business headquarters in Germany in the Southern District of Cuxhaven (Wesermunde). A branch office in Bremen is planned for the near future. All press releases you receive as a download on our website: press/presseinformationen.htm contact: WohnWell GmbH Dag Plischke Tel. + 49 4747 305-323

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