Customers Do Not Want Service, But Reliable Products

Self service intelligence to improve ex-Amazon Manager Bill price at Call Center World Berlin: customers want to no service, but reliable products Berlin, January 26, 2009 – Bill price, the former Vice President of global reach customer service from Amazon, the call center world to Berlin. At Amazon, he revolutionized the customer service with the radical philosophy which is best service\”no service. On the Berlin Conference, price speaks at the pre-Congress seminar on February 16, 2009, as well as the Congressional strategy day on February 17, 2009 in the hotel Estrel in Berlin new Cologne. The average customer has simply no desire to call his bank or send an E-Mail to his online retailers if a kind of further declarations made by him is required or has deficiencies. Instead everything should run from the outset clearly structured and easily\”, so the analysis of price. With the purchase of a product, the customer should be satisfied and even no reason find again the company in contact with, at best for more purchases. At Amazon, therefore the number of contacts per customer order has long been an important performance indicator. The customer still has a reason to contact the company, it is important to develop intelligent self-service concepts.

\”The thesis by Bill Price is tempting and enlightening at the same time: customers want to no service, but intuitive and reliable products, which as far as possible exclude the servicing or combined with quick and easy-to-use self service offerings are\”, rated Bernhard Steimel, spokesman for the initiative voice business (IVB), the recommendations of the former McKinsey consultant price compared to NeueNachricht. The practice shows that it fails many companies to meet these standards. They apparently prefer to deal in their customer service departments with the effects and symptoms of poorly designed products and services and also engage in fire-fighting, without really resolve the causes\”, Steimel, know of especially the culture of service in the highly competitive Telephone market is critically scrutinized. .

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