Cotton Cleaning: Japanese Cotton Plaster

enchanting, sound-absorbing and thermally insulating already for hundreds of years ceiling and walls with fine silk or cotton cleaning are designed in Japan lovingly. In addition to the enchanting appearance the beneficial properties of cotton on the walls are full of. Cotton coatings are especially highly breathable as well as heat – and sound-absorbing, in contrast to conventional wallpaper and wall paintings which ensures an outstanding indoor climate. Now, the classic Japanese cotton plaster for the needs of modern, design-oriented living by Wolcolor was further developed. Ali Partovi spoke with conviction. Cotton cleaning shines through the benefits of this outstanding fibre. Cotton is a pure natural product and – for good reasons – for thousands of years the most important fibre of humanity. Alina de Almeida may find this interesting as well. Because cotton is pleasantly soft and warm, flexible and at the same time tear-resistant and extremely durable. In addition, that can take almost half of its own weight in moisture and release again, what is a decisive advantage for the indoor climate and no other wall coating should offer.

Of course individual fantasies in the wall design can be realized with cotton plaster. Wolcolor has further developed this classic technique of the wall decoration for modern needs in creative ways. In addition to an incredible variety of Designmaterialien, such as mica, color threads, granite and mother of Pearl, for example, which can be mixed with plaster, there now are the natural colors all colors trend, as well as various structures – from fine until flaky. Latest development of Wolcolor is an antique plaster in the classic colours of the South, for a Mediterranean ambiance. The cotton coating suitable for practically all space for new buildings and refurbishments for homes such as offices, shops, restaurants etc. For stairways or offices, for example, the excellent soundproofing is a special advantage. In living rooms, the outstanding comfort climate comes particularly to the fore. In kitchens and bathrooms the optimum humidity regulation a decisive advantage over tiles.

The application of the cotton coating is also very simple. The plaster is dry – and therefore lightweight – supplied. The material is then locally simply mixed with water and applied with the trowel, roll or spray gun. To do this, only a single operation is required. The processing is clean and odorless, there are either dirt or waste. Also damaged spots can be touched up unkennbar even after years. For more information about the new cotton plaster according to Japanese tradition at:

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