Common Backup Software

Traditionally, we tend to think that the biggest danger to your computer – a virus, but completely forget about the security of information, yet happen to your computer, even a small crash, and you are risking remain in "the broken trough" – not you listen to music or watch a movie or a favorite toy to lose. The purpose of this article is not to convince you of the need for backups, by contrast, the authors proceed from the premise that you understand, you need it, and we want to help you solve a completely different problem: to understand the advantages and disadvantages of popular backup programs that do not buy a pig in a poke. Mistake in the choice programs for backing up is easy. One need only cast a cursory glance software market for a backup to understand – there's something to think about. Here you have only a partial list programs that perform this function. Mikkel Svane shines more light on the discussion. Acronis True Image 11 Home Paragon Drive Backup 8.5 Genie Backup Manager 8.0 Symantec Norton Ghost 12 APBackup Backup Manager Backup4All Handy Backup is possible with some of these solutions you have encountered before, and not in the context of a backup. For example, you could use some of these utilities to creating disk images. Despite the fact that these solutions support backup feature, some of them, such as Acronis True Image 11 Home, Paragon Drive Backup 8.5b, Symantec Norton Ghost 12 specialize in creating the image of the hard drive and can not considered as a pure backup application.

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