GROUP Dynamite Ready

National qualifying project "Eurofest" only began to pick up their pace, and a group of "Dynamite" is fully equipped and ready for a serious battle for a place under the sun and Moscow for the right to represent Belarus at "Eurovision-2009". Soloist and band frontman Nicholas Cold admitted that studio work on a new song I'm with you has been completed. Leader of "Dynamite" said the group has recently been updated: there were two new soloist. Energy Capital Partners is open to suggestions. Specially created for the "Eurofest" composition recorded in the style of R'n'B. Music by Nicholas Frost and English lyrics – the singer of Hera. In addition, the script is ready and the video for the song I'm with you. In an interview with "BelGazeta" Nicholas told the cold than the "Dynamite" can catch the Belarusian and European audience, and even "walked" on the previous plenipotentiary representatives of Belarus at "Eurovision" "We have done an English song that will test his strength. If we have something to show, why not? In Last year, we also applied for – look around, that's what.

And now the problem-at least – to be among the fifteen best Belarusian performers. Ready to show itself in all its glory, in spite of the many nuances associated with a tradition of choosing the representative of Belarus at "Eurovision". It is bad that the "Eurovision" do not want to take just a contest on which to go out and prove myself. And do not try to show in this contest some Belarusian, something national. You just need to follow the European trends, rather than trying to distinguish the national color copy or winners of previous years.

Indeed, as shown practice, the first places are occupied by representatives of the ordinary, but not pathetic copy. Personally, I know what chips to surprise the European audience. Just do not send again or Agurbash Polina, who obviously lacked the ease and energy. Warlock – well, a couple of years ago he ran for corporate parties, and then it normally hyped. But our semi-Soviet upbringing affects a lot. The disease of our artists – official constrained. Everyone wants to be serious and glamorous, but I'm not afraid to be on stage relaxed and funny. I can speak in the role of Pinocchio, and as a grandfather, and as a bunny. It is not enough to be able to sing, you must be a showman with a cool energy. Belarusians for some reason go to Europe with the thought that would be in the backyard, and have to go with confidence. I am not a terrorist, of course, but the Belarusian dynamite ready to go and blow up the whole of Europe. "

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