Survey results show that 67% of all lost customers complain that sellers do not show them enough interest and concern. Of course, the seller must know your product, so it is rarely allowed to client if he “did not examine” all the technical characteristics of products sold. In some cases, the start of the seller or the end of his probationary period associated with a perfect knowledge of the characteristics of the goods. In Eventually, when the seller goes to work and begins to sell, he brings down to the buyer that knowledge, while the buyer gets boring. To read more click here: Samsung. Indeed, in the first place he wants to buy is not a commodity, as a solution to their problems or benefits. If buyer need of displayed goods, the transaction will take place. In other cases, the chances of the seller is not very low.

A message, which is based on emotion and emotional well perceived. This raises the question: “How do I to the client, barely glancing at the product immediately bought it? “There is a good solution – it is necessary to establish a person living a normal contact and negotiate with him so he made a purchase with desire. Need to sell not just “a set of characteristics, and emotion, positive. To this must be approached delicately, and marketed must introduce an element of care – find out from the man what he wants. Should not be limited to two or three jaded questions: “You anything to help? “,” You have something to show? “because the answers can be very different, and sometimes absolutely not those who are waiting for sellers..

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