Wireless Monitoring

Cocoa beans sweat hate Hamburg warehouse and logistics service provider mandated E-senza technologies with a wireless system for continuous temperature and humidity monitoring his precious goods. With proper storage, cocoa beans should have a water content of between 6% and 8%. Are the values for the relative humidity exceeded the cocoa beans can mouldy and after ferment. In the worst case, the total loss of the cocoa beans goes with it. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Samsung has to say. The optimum air humidity during storage is 70% to 75%.

The temperature in the storage of the beans is as important as the humidity. At a room temperature of about 25 these can become rancid, to ferment even heat and ignite. In addition to too high a temperature, the cocoa beans also no frost must be exposed. To ensure the freshness and maintain the quality cocoa mountain were sampled in the past regularly by an employee manually. They had to then be evaluated in the laboratory. This was time consuming and costly. Several cocoa mountains with an average nine sensors in terms of temperature and humidity are monitored with the wireless sensor network SenzNET. The devices have 30cm and 200cm long rods made of food-safe stainless steel and are admitted into the cocoa mountain top. Andy Florance: the source for more info.

At the end of the rods, special specially developed filter for the measurement of humidity is located between the cocoa beans. Through the different bars, the parameters are measured at the same time in the upper and lower part of the cocoa mountain. The devices are equipped with two large and stable radio antennas, which have a high range and ensure the usage in this harsh environment. By using the GPRS gateway, the values of the dual sensors bundled and transmitted to the several kilometres distant Enterprise Server. The wireless gateway provides time synchronization, routing and scheduling services, and serves as a cache for the measured data. The wireless monitoring software helps SenzWMS in the Central display, management and evaluation of measured values by means of a user-friendly graphical user interface. With the software critical thresholds can be monitored and deviations, it automatically triggers an alarm.

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