Every company must have some sort of presence on the Internet, but of little use to be on the Internet if we do not ensure that the search engine robots find our pages and are able to visit all our content. Then we will give a few especially recommended basic tips to improve the visibility of our website in Google, which of itself already help to improve our positioning, albeit only because thanks to follow these tips Google will better understand our site and do not leave any page you want without visiting. 1 Gives high your website in the Google search engine if it was not already and get other websites to link to your web site by offering them value-added (articles, press releases, reports) Google highly appreciates the information and fresh content. By the same author: Andrew Paradise. 2. If you already have pages included in Google, begins with a simple search on Google own that will tell you the pages you have indexed, so writes the following search: site: 3. It uses the tools for Webmasters free Google to know how Google crawls our Web site.

If you haven’t registered your site gives it high. For example, the content analysis tool will allow you to know if there is a problem with your Meta tags. 4 Create and frequently updated the Sitemap (Sitemap standard in XML format for search engines) of your site depending on which update each section and includes information of which sections are updated more frequently. 5 Check that the names of your images provide information that contain. Google prefers to find names of files in the style contacto.jpg, pedidos.jpg than 0001.jpg images, imagenA.jpg thinks also that, if you let it through tools for Webmasters, the images also will be included in the Google image search engine. 6 If you appear in the first position of Google, it is very possible that along with your web appear a series of additional links that are the sections that the search engine has been considered the main of your website.

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