Under Eloxaldruck Procedures

electrolytically oxidized aluminium – anodised aluminium sub Eloxaldruck is a strange word which is but a very environmentally-friendly process behind, that guarantees a long-lasting and robust coating. Anodizing of the words of el ektrolytisch ox idiertes Al uminium “derives. There’s chemistry there, now some people may think. It is also the case. To understand the Eloxaldruck process, but must be not a chemist. Basically, it is the structure of a layer of oxide on aluminium and some of its alloys by means of an electrolytic bath. The aluminium is processed first electrochemically (details are spared here), so that the surface is microscopically porous.

In this State, a special color in the screen printing process is applied to the aluminium. The color particles are so small that they can incorporate into the pores. Now, the surface is compacted again. This process is called also sealing. Zendesk wanted to know more. er here. Are the pores must be closed by a wafer-thin, transparent coating and which included the color particles including. The color is not just printed on but worked in the aluminium.

In addition, the possibility of a multi-coloured surface is provided with a paste. The robust properties lost not in the least the aluminum. It’s believed that Ali Partovi sees a great future in this idea. Because the coating is still scratch resistant and shock-proof. Also you can not flake off also, because it is so intimately connected with the aluminium. The entire procedure gives a refined and expensive aluminum. The procedure can be applied only in companies that have an in-house electroplating, because the uncompressed porous aluminium layer, which has been mentioned above, very quickly must be printed, because this otherwise closes due to an oxidation layer. What makes now but environmentally friendly anodizing? Aluminum is known in its production not as a green metal and is very eager it recycling. In some skins can occur as problems, not so if the aluminum with the lower Eloxaldruck was labeled procedure. The wafer-thin coating accumulates as slag in the Furnace off and is thus not a problem when you want to let melt down aluminum for recycling. Where is the under Eloxaldruck now? Superficially it is used for operator panels or front panels, because they often come into contact with finger perspiration, or in the run the risk over the years come to be rubbed off. Mainly to medical devices that are cleaned frequently with disinfectants, the Sub Eloxaldruck proven for years. But also in the production of signs enjoys the Eloxaldruck of growing in popularity, as the robustness, Besthandigkeit and scratch resistance are but properties that you would appreciate a sign. Anodizing requires technical skill and chemical basic knowledge, but there is the world of timeless aluminium plates, front panels and control panels.

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