Goat Vampire Chupacabra – a daring creature, which kills cattle in South America. Farmers are alarmed – for the past 30 years, suffered hundreds (maybe thousands) of farms. The police, army patrols vigilantes – all to no avail. If someone even manages something to hear, then, running in place, they found only a bloodless bodies of domestic animals. Fearless Fighting dogs, even the ones in the attacks chupacabra slipping into a corner and tremble with fear. His launched to the planet by aliens in order to look at the effectiveness of this weapon, or simply explore the Earth? Laboratory experiments conducted by NASA for growing the perfect soldier-killers, and one of them escaped? Or wastewater industrial areas did their job, and was born a mutant? Partially shed light on the origin of the killer may Chupacabra photo, but, unfortunately, a lot of pictures otfotoshopennyh hinders search truth. Killer-vampire like no one known animal science.

What is a Chupacabra? Alien, mutant, the secret development of military kriptid, biorobot – answers a lot right, we do not know. Chupacabra photos only support areoles mystique, being photographed, the pictures each time it is very difficult to identify. Alas, due to the increasing popularity of the Chupacabras his photos are so often falsify that oud and do not know where he Chupacabra, and where fotoshopenny monster. Chupacabra lives in Russia! Sensation? Sensation! Outlandish monster, drinking the blood of poultry (Russian realities, what to do), seen in Nizhny Novgorod Oblast and Lviv regions. Mexican nightmare is now walking and Slavic lands. Occasionally it can be seen and make Chupacabra video. But increasingly there are reports only on dead animals, but sometimes a shattered man.

According to the descriptions of eyewitnesses – a complete copy Mexican chupacabra. Compared the Chupacabra video, made in different parts of the world. Similar to the creature, apparently, now the Russian farmers, of whom, and so there is not much need to worry about the safety of hard house birds. However, as international practice shows, to sense something special from such preventive action is not …

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