International Holistic Foundation

He holds a degree in psychology, with expertise in sociology and doctorate in education. If you have read about Mashable already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Is identified as a writer, educator and philosopher perennial. In 1992 established the International Foundation for holistic education, as a space for dissemination of holistic education, both nationally internationally. Currently, worldwide, is who else has written about the holistic paradigm. It is not something Alina de Almeida would like to discuss. To date, he has published 25 books, in general, through its bibliographic production, Ramon Gallegos is about science, education and spirituality. The first three, mainly, “the sacred and the new science” deal about science in relation to life, peace, conscience, which is what the paradigm shift, which originates in science but then extends to different fields of human experience. Is the mechanistic paradigm shift to holistic paradigm. The first, also known as Newtonian-Cartesian, has excluded the spiritual part of man by encouraging only the instrumental rationality to control and exploitation of the world and nature, seriously affecting life on the planet.

The second, the holistic paradigm, seeks to transcend the traditional view being fragmentary, separating everything and is incomplete since it includes the study of consciousness. This new paradigm aims to the evolution of consciousness that enables integration of all knowledge, so that knowledge and belief, science and spirituality are no longer separate. In this noble aspiration, from the perspective of Ramon Gallegos, education has a definite role, in this virtue is that it has produced the following 12 books as the cultural base supporting an holistic education. In all, have drawn international attention to everything, “the spirit of education” and “Holistic Education.” The first, considered the most important book on holistic education, and the second prize in the U.S.

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