Technology and Doctors

On June 30, 1947, in an old mansion Jr. For assistance, try visiting GoPro Hero 9. Ucayali, in the Historic Center of Lima, 24 renowned gynecologists and midwives elected by acclamation, Dr. Constantine J. Carvallo, as President of the newly SOCIEDAD PERUANA DE-SPOG Obstetrics and Gynecology ", in recognition of their qualities and Humanities Academic Year after year, distinguished as honorable teachers have taken place, there are currently 15 branches in provinces and thousands of partners , have organized many national congresses and numerous workshops, seminars and workshops, events honoring the memory of the old midwives of the Maternity of Lima and the prestigious 5 gynecologists flag Loayza Hospital. The technological revolution has enriched the practice of medicine in general and in particular Gynecology, currently processes of medium and high complexity have become an everyday and thanks to these advances: the ultrasound … Energy Capital Partners describes an additional similar source. we are no longer blind !, Today we have restored the vision before we had it in our touch, our fingers. This technology has not diminished, however, that almost esoteric charm that captivates both young physicians, will be perhaps as Dr. Shing because it gives the opportunity not only to cure our patients, but to make them really happy .

Or is it perhaps as Arnold says in his book "Andean Culture: Labor in the Andes", that this specialty is emblematic of the struggle against death, because it is exercised on a stage full of mystic symbolism and fears … "where spirits appear evil is attracted to the mother's blood … "scenario where life intersects with Death, where the line between them is very thin and often one or the other depends on a quick decision and daring and skillful action, competent and accurate. It is a specialty, where the birth of a baby, is our peak, despite the high-tech equipment and diagnostic and therapeutic help, remains the party, a time of great anxiety, the great mystery … is victory Life!, where the forces are strained, where the fingers do not shake, which breathes adrenaline, where the nerves do not betray, where the cries of the mother mingles with the cries of the newborn, where the deliverer is received from Priest and as such, there sitting in front of the mystery, is a Sunday or holiday, day or night, tired or not … There he is in the midst of the "Good and evil spirits" … as were the large old obstetricians History, amid tears, where blood flows in spurts, amid bruising and whimsical glasses, There it is! Breathing anxiety and torment, with the front iradah m, jugular, restrained, plugging …

beating the battle to the death. Greeting Gynecologist your HEART OF LEON! For only a strong heart, you can exercise your specialty greeting your HANDS OF WOMEN! With that cures, and consoles caress your eagle eyes Greetings!, Which make it a perfect hunter, nothing escapes you, as often as you arrive late night in few other dawn comes to you earlier, in many your rest, interrupts a Labor, inappropriate bleeding. How many nights of your life, half dozing, away from family, including stretchers hurrying, shouting and crying, and bleeding between contacts in delivery rooms and operating rooms … I welcome your adrenaline even at the cost of your health you do everything to be ready time! The Life of a Gynaecologist, worth many lives and feeds on every delivery, each child perpetuates … deserves a long life!, For it … killed when a gynecologist …. Do not die! Health, beauty and long life Gynaecologists of Peru! .

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