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During the fight This is the most important part of the fight after the study process and know how to attack, where k and time, began to gain ground, and we should know k kind of fight do, where to move, etc. we must always be agile mind, remember not only we think k, so does the opponent and is constantly trying to lead us into his style of fight, this time in the middle of the fight, the opponent change its style to match k did not realize this working, here is important to change our way once again and a very fast time, many people lose it at this time the adversary changes we want to continue with the same fighting style, the changes is another fight, but right now we do not have the time to the study as in Part 1, here we momentarily passing attack to see k is trying to do, to form the idea and leave the attack process combined with attacks, feints, travel, etc. HARD AT THE TIME OF BATTLE MUST BE NOT ONLY Strikes, SINCE THE ADVERSARY AS IS NATURAL to be attacking, if you let it take values ATTACK, NOT THE CONCERN WILL NOT KNOW YOUR K attacked and braided, HAY K worry. At the end of the fight several processes occur, If we lose, we must attack, covering up and go on the attack, but beware, we should not think so much about covering, we d risk for that to connect our technical and if you are running out of combat, seek KO (knock out) If the fight has drawn the battle Working feints and false attacks, covering up well, try to despair the opponent with feints with changes of direction, not be within distance and intercept attacks when attacking with more than two strokes if Fighting from the outside we’re winning, do not take risks, to fail and attack the opponent, ie to take their mistakes, it is logical k to be losing the opponent to attack with deep bouts, just to maintain a distance, out of any danger and keep your mind k in the fight Remember the body can get tired but the mind, if you tire the mind and not reason we all go wrong. VEN AS FIGHTING IS NOT SOMETHING, NOT INTENDED TO THE MADNESS, IS A PROCESS OF THINKING, THE FIGHTING K compared to a ARCHITECT, THEN PREPARE FIGHTING, DO BELIEVE THINGS, strategize, study, etc..

Learning to fight is preparation for life, life is a battle against it and will use the same philosophy, study, develop plans, strategies, goals and fulfill ourselves, always fearless, positive attitude and optimism LIVES IN THE OPTIMIST LIGHT. SHADOW pessimism. Optimism is creative energy. Pessimism is ALWAYS AN OBSTACLE IN THE PATH OF PROGRESS. The fight is the art of hitting and k do not hit, so the use of mind is fundamental within it, we must be at a point 100% concentration, the fighter is an architect, plans, builds and undertakes, therefore change our thinking about the fight (do not stop and throw punches).

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