Renault Megane

They have increased registrations of cars by individuals through direct aid to this end; something that did not happen for 31 months. Sales of passenger cars to individual customers, and that they represent 64% of the total, have grown a 145 per cent last month, to more than 61,500 units. The last time that this segment experienced growth was in October 2006. Sellers and manufacturers thought that June would be a key point of reference in the crisis that it is affecting the sector. Registrations, as a whole have dropped a 159% a total of 96.706 cars were sold.

Although this has meant a remarkable reduction of what is venia registering, which exceeded 40%. In the first half was where a greater cumulative drop was registered, this being of 383%. 433.077 Cars registered from January to June. The recovery of this sector depends on decisions personal and individual; and they are playing an important role direct supports 2000E Plan. Around 16% of the registrations they welcomed the plan boosters of the purchase which meant a sale of about 15,000 units. Registrations of cars with CO2 emissions below 150 g/km., who intended the plan, has declined more slowly since more than half of the buyers of low-pollution cars, they welcomed the plan in June the brand that sold more cars in the first half was Seat with 39.498 units, and ahead of Citroen and Renault. Although in June the two French have begun to overcome the Spanish. In terms of models, the best selling car has been the Renault Megane. interest, and news about cars.

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