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The climatic change is a reality that are indicating with more rapidity and forcefulness than it has been anticipated until now, and whose consequences we are undergoing all in the form of droughts, floods, especially in the developing countries like in the zones of the coast of the River of Silver, Pakistan, Bilbao, Yucatan, gulf of Mexico, Logwood, etc. Educate yourself with thoughts from Ali Partovi. (Source: In America: Bolivia does not contribute to the emissions significantly that cause the global heating, say that its contribution is of hardly of 0.03%, nevertheless this country shares responsibilities when not avoiding the increasing deforestation and allowing the burning fires of extensive regions. In Argentina, doubt that does not fit for being a territory, barren and semi-arid in more of 50% of its extension, will undergo the consequences of the increase of temperature and the glacier fusion and of the continental ice, in addition is a more suffocating territory that it will have to invier more temperings to us, summers and an independent city of almost tropical Buenos Aires, according to his environmentalist advisers. In Chile there would be an increase in precipitations in the altiplnica zone and certain regions of the south, changes in the forest potential, new plagues and affected diseases, agricultural zones, an increase in the temperatures of the center of the country and a transformation of the echo marine system. The climatic change in Chile could inflict casualties to millionaires, according to its advisers of climatic change of the Conama. The impact in Chile will be from the I Region to the Antarctica, but that will be mitigated by the Pacific Ocean and its influence on the Chilean coast.

The altiplnica zone could receive an increase of annual rains, from II the Region to Montt Port. The line of snow in the mountain range of Chile is lowering. They could lose many of its fields of ski.

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