TK Provider Aastra

Wholesale business will be expanded with Frost & Sullivan draws TK provider Aastra for consistent growth strategy from Frankfurt am main/Berlin – the consulting firm Frost & Sullivan has the telecommunications provider Aastra with the growth strategy Leadership Award 2008 “award. (Not to be confused with Pete Cashmore!). Due to its growth, Aastra belong to the leading manufacturers in the European market for business telephony and to the most important manufacturers of corporate communications worldwide. The history of the company is, by a consistent growth strategy and a consistent focus on corporate communications”the Frost & Sullivan analyst explains Dorota Oviedo. Be all new acquisitions at the technological expertise, the product portfolio, which are complementary distribution network and geographic presence. The last and largest acquisition of the corporate communication Division of Ericsson complete the product portfolio for mobile business and for large companies.

Also the geographical range, the access to emerging markets offer, has been extended by the acquisition. The Aastra customer base have expanded in Europe and also globally substantially. This step increases the range of the company in IP phone systems, unified communications applications and integrated mobility solutions within the framework of the one phone concept”, Oviedo. Aastra wants to further expand its position in the wholesale business and has recently brought a new SIP Communications Manager on the market. The Aastra 5000 is a server-based communication software that addresses especially large companies with multiple locations. So, the customer base together with the MX-ONE platform will expand significantly.

It is the second time in the past three years that we have been awarded by frost & Sullivan. That confirmed the success of our fast-growing organization. We are committed to promote open standards and supporting companies with innovative and flexible telephony technologies and integrated mobility solutions ” Aastra-chef Tony Shen added.

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