Security In Wireless Nets

Prof person who orientates: Marcelo Fields Antunes, Esp. MOUNTAIN RANGE 2010 SUMMARY In if treating to nets wireless that it is the new trend in communication with little necessity of cabeamento use. Many organizations have or intend to have some day to provide mobility and access the net for its users. The easiness of installation of a net without wire, allied to the easy access to this technology, generates some implications for the security. Many nets without wire are installed without no concern with security or for people without the necessary basic knowledge, this work makes a general boarding of what it comes, to be the security of the information and the management of risk. After that it analyzes the types of nets, making a classification of them and the standards of communication emitted by each one. It still analyzes the security of these nets, showing at great length the forms of if to obtain to get this security and, finally, makes an evaluation of the security mechanisms and prevention in what the invasion of these nets says respect.

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