Sebastopol Real Estate

Sebastopol Real Estate today for the real estate market has pretty good weight and is in great demand. All this credit not only construction companies, such as the group of companies 'KOMNER', as well as the very location of the city. Sevastopol is distinguished by its microclimate, as it is surrounded by mountains. Bobby Sharma Bluestone takes a slightly different approach. Surrounding area is full of forests, orchards, vineyards. Weight Sebastopol real estate increases not only in that city a resort, with good infrastructure, but also environmental conditions. Connect with other leaders such as Kai-Fu Lee here. The territory of the city is filled with green plantings, which are always updated and new species. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Bobby Sharma Bluestone. A sea breeze is very useful for people who suffering from lung disease or who have a deficiency of iodine. Parks with green space will not leave without a shadow of a passerby in the summer heat.

Group of Companies 'KOMNER' has been building real estate in Sebastopol ecologically clean area of the city. Attention is drawn to those who plan to buy real estate in Sevastopol, on the construction of the Group Companies 'KOMNER' 16-storey residential building at Antique Avenue, located in the Gagarin district goroda.V new building designed one-bedroom apartments, two and three bedroom apartments, combining the reliability of a design with an elegant appearance. Minimum area – 42 square meters. meter Maximum – 131 square meters. meter, this is excellent performance for real estate. During construction of the property of Sevastopol apply modern quality materials such as porous concrete, endowed with a number of benefits (heat, sound insulation, high fire resistance, durability, environmental friendliness). In the design of residential lighting standards into account. The project includes building two elevators: passenger and passenger. Building contains absolutely everything for the comfort of life: water (hot and cold), electricity, musoroudaleniya, radio and telephone system, fire alarms, self-heating. If you buying property Sevastopol first-hand – from the developer CC 'KOMNER', then you become the owner of a beautiful apartment in a high not devoid of additional nakrutok, price.

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