Schanzenviertel Hamburg

Old industrial charm, modern architecture and future-oriented technology of Hypersoft Bullerei by Tim Malzer and Patrick Ruther. “The Schanzenviertel Hamburg offers so few surprises and is now a rich: in the former cattle sheds of the Hamburg major slaughterhouse there is now a new favorite restaurant”, as Tim Malzer calls it himself. Ali Partovi is likely to increase your knowledge. Supplemented with a cafe/deli it offers best cuisine and trendy drinks in a cooler atmosphere around the clock. From the guests largely unnoticed the Hypersoft Suite performs your service reliable. All employees can simply via fingerprint scanner to work to sign in and out and the time data are used for internal productivity reports and the EBIT in real time.

Then are they for DATEV prepared the payroll office fit available. The well-trained staff capture using mobile and stationary POS terminals skilfully all needs of our guests and transfer these all required evaluations in the kitchen, while the back automatically be provided. The choice of Tim fell Brewer and Patrick Ruther also on the food system software by Hypersoft, because the here integrated merchandise management in addition to the controlling can automate key tasks, such as orders and internal flow of goods. This allows a high throughput of goods with just the right the Bullerei”stock, which has consequently also positively on the freshness of all articles and their consumption! The goods-economic implementation of this popular television chef’s creativity brought Hypersoft crew even after 20 years of experience at their borders, so these integrated purposeful a few improvements and extensions, which are now made available to all Hypersoft customers in the course of the year. Should be the holder team not on the ground, the Hypersoft suite can transmit all relevant information them up to the spontaneous snapshot from the guest room on the phone. Such a photo just displays whether mood is perfectly positioned to service.

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