Santa Cruz

Bolivia is the country that has had strokes, general strikes and revolutions around the world more. Today it becomes the Republic will go where most democratic referendum of all and may revoke the President, the Vice-President and the Governors of their 9 departments. Initially the right-wing Senate called the first referendum to revoke a President in Bolivian history rugged. Evo, after initially attacking it as a maneuver, decided to use it against his opponents by calling a recall referendum of all. Evo believes it is unlikely that he or the Santa Cruz prefect Costas lose, but if he stays in power it will strengthen his authority. In addition, he estimated that with this plebiscite is removed floor to pro-autonomia referendums that planned to Tarija, Beni and Pando, and that could take some of the hostile Governors (most of the departments are not directed by his party, the more). The revocadora strategy of the opposition want to be transformed into one that ends evo – cando to the President.

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