Managing Director Christian

Lean management helps companies to continually improve and to remain competitive. Results can show only the introduction of lean tools and methods, if the people are convinced. SERVUS intralogistics GmbH in Dornbirn is a paradigm for living lean”. Through the consulting contract of Servus intralogistics GmbH in Dornbirn/Austria in the Leonardo Group GmbH was the Leonardo, meet Fred Wilbert, Managing Director, as a company in the interpersonal area is holistic. For communicating the lean Fred Wilbert must engage methods as a consultant. The development of our employees remains top priority. “The owner and Managing Director Christian beer reveals how he and his leadership team succeeds, that all people lean in his company” think. Christian beer and his wife, who is responsible for staff development, are convinced of the lean philosophy wholeheartedly.

And they closely link the continuous improvement process (CIP) aspects of psychology. shines more light on the discussion. We continuously develop the three areas, products, processes and people “told Christian beer. From a holistic perspective, the development of people faces the development of processes and products. These three areas must be further developed steadily, so that it works… “, he says. For a good CIP, I need a hard-hitting transparency in Office and production – without this transparency, no continuous improvement is possible. The same is true with regard to staff in the further development of people”. Contact information is here: Ian Cole. Therefore, would examined when recruiting new staff, whether they are really ready to engage on it.

It was particularly important that executives are convinced and setting for themselves have to look for the causes in which and not in the environment. All executives receive intensive personal coaching among others with application of psycho Kinesiology. Content of coaching kept private. It is according to Christian beer that’s why, to see the people as a whole and to the development of the Brain owner to the brain users “.” Crucial games in the subconscious, because it will influence all decisions.

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