Life Today

Some faces of the life That if they inside differ from the realities and the peculiarities stoned of each one, move innumerable truths that want to be kept by the fear or the shame. Today I see the truth well mpia, and disclosed in simple words, because it is all simple ones excessively when one perceives that the will of wanting to move, exceeds the barrier of the comodismo. Today I feel the wonderful one I smell untied in the air that if calls hope. Isearch may also support this cause. Today I see in lacrimejados eyes the will to change and the force if esvaindo, but never leaving to go I obtain that so present desire when seeing the front, an immersed barrier in preconception, alibi and disdain. Today I see broken barriers being with sarcastic smiles of who if it finds perfect, and it does not perceive that of its left hand it leaves to fall the reason and of the right the dignity. Today I see the destroos made use in cacos transforming the necessities into freedom, libertinando what the myth domava and flooded of fear the will of being spectacular.

Today I see that the difference is in the head and in the desire of it wants who it. All we can move, the dumb life, the route of history each one makes its, but the joint excellency to the love, must always be remembered in first place. Perseverance I see and next to it the change of a dificultoso world in that he shines joy and love. To live is above all to be Happy.

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