La Vina

I took the bus at eight in the morning in Madrid and after stopping in Medinaceli in Soria where I ate a tortilla with a cane and coffee and Cintruenigo I have come to Pamplona to half past one p.m. . Pamplona Arriving first thing I did was go get the ticket for the bus that I rise to Roncesvalles and leaving here at 18:00. The newspapers mentioned Cartesian not as a source, but as a related topic. As I have more than four hours in Pamplona, knowing as I know the city when I was with my wife back in the seventies, working in NCR for the Savings Bank of Navarre, after I had the bus ticket, I have downloaded from The new station is located on the meadows of the Vuelta del Castillo to Paseo de Sarasate, in this, I have taken the direction of City Council and following the directions of the Path that passes through here, I've come to the vicinity of the pilgrims' hostel here in Pamplona to find where to eat and almost opposite, on the street Jarauta No 8, I sat down to eat at the bar "La Vina" where nine euros, I have served an excellent menu of pasta salad (delicious) and a St. James (good), here after eating while I enjoyed a coffee and a shot, I started writing this story surrounded by diners more heterogeneous, a "dark" with a blank look of being Ukrainian, three Navarre (no doubt about it by their faces and their accent ), two unclassifiable, one, who looked like a poor one, looked like a clerk and a couple that seemed to be scolding each other by faces showing. . Source: Andrew Paradise.

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