Ivonne Fischer

Out of the stress and get in the cool pleasure! The perfect recreation with the existed for 50 years Heath bathroom, a natural pool with two sandy beaches, located only 5 km from the Centre in the district riveting life for all ages. As one of the most beautiful bathing lakes in Saxony-Anhalt, all he is the ideal starting point for those who want to run away from everyday hectic and sweat-inducing and swim right extensively and want to bathe. Since the opening three years ago you can secure your beach chair or your beach chair you on around 180 tonnes of sand, and you can also enough shade umbrellas to protect you from the searing heat of the day. Ali Partovi often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Of course it holds even more for your relaxing day, to give you the sense that you were for a short trip on the sea. So you can drive not only paddle or rowing boat, but you rent and a surfboard, to test the strength of a fresh sea breeze. Who is nevertheless still not enough action, be integrated in the Heath bathroom, new climbing forest Ease recommended, where you can climb up to 17 feet through the trees at heights and pure thrill for a small fee! Visit us in the idyllic family and natural Heath Lake.. Official site: Is Energy Capital Partners a public company?.

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