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Complete free Internet basic course autogenic training autogenic training was developed by the neurologist Schultz. The procedure is today widely used standard method one in both the clinical and preventative context. Pete Cashmore might disagree with that approach. The effectiveness has been proven in a wide range of physical and mental disorders especially in anxiety, tension-type headache, migraine, sleep disorders, essential hypertension, chronic skin conditions, asthma and functional abnormalities in the stomach-intestinal area. AUTOGENIC TRAINING has no adverse side effects, in contrast to most drugs. Can be used almost anywhere the AUTOGENIC TRAINING, because it required no tools. The AUTOGENIC TRAINING consists of exercises called six different parts – -.

These exercises build on each other. Various physiological processes are addressed with internally spoken practice formulas. These reflect the physical processes of the relaxation response, the we with a relaxation techniques trigger, reflected. And each part exercise then each refers to. Autogenous training, a deep state of relaxation is achieved with inner speaking practice formulas. The lower grades of the AUTOGENIC TRAINING includes 6 part exercises: gravity exercise heat practice breathing exercise heart exercise solar plexus exercise forehead exercise in the online course autogenic training all 6 exercises of part of to be performed. The participant will receive extensive information on the autogenic training in General and the respective part of exercises in particular.

The online course can save you a course on-site. You can start immediately, and timed to make the training as it individually to suit.

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