ERP Development

First release of the new framework ep.kid + is illustrated by 2013 for existing customers modern user interfaces based on Adobe Flex available / roadmap further development steps Hamburg, 10.03.2011. ENTITEC AG, Hamburg, has reached an important milestone in the development of new frameworks for model-driven software development and operation of complex, enterprise-wide application systems: with the release of 0.8 and 0.9 under the working title ep.kid + already significant steps for a more efficient creation of modern user interfaces have been implemented in the ERP environment. The rich Internet-client-Adobe Flex technology for modern user interfaces on mobile devices and in the browser has been fully integrated. The functionalities contained in release 0.9 are for existing customers also now available: in the areas of statutory accident insurance, the occupational pension schemes and the insurance industry users of entitec application systems, bg.standard, ve.server and zmv.connect can already the new interfaces will benefit. Adobe Flex combines the interfaces of applications with service-oriented architectures (SOA). Integrated components such as data grids, trees, charts, graphics and more complex standard controls, and in particular with regard to ergonomics also improves the comfort for the user. Internet-based services to integrate third-party expert information systems and geo-location services easily.

EP.kid + creates a high level of acceptance among application developers are versatile and simple design options available, as well as users who appreciate the exceptional ergonomics in combination with top modern user interfaces. Zendesk wanted to know more. With ep.kid +, model-driven software development tools with domain-specific languages (DSLs) aims to entitec mainly efficiency and cost reduction at the design, creation, and maintenance of high-quality enterprise applications through the link. entitec goes from a considerably reduced effort in designing and Development of new, but also to adapt existing applications. “Experts on the client side can that projects much easier and more efficiently be integrated into and together with the software developers a language” talk.

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