Daniela Jantsch Roland Kaiser

News from Roland Kaiser, sad but true, and actually harms, the Goodbye Roland Kaiser of the live concert stage. His biography can be is difficult in a few words, so much Roland Kaiser has reached in the course of his career. Roland Kaiser is a pop phenomenon who wrote the children’s book \”Giblinge\” among others. He is committed as an official Ambassador for the children’s Hospice since 2006 in Central Germany. For 10 years, Roland Kaiser suffers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease \”COPD\”. 2009, he addressed his illness in the book \”Breathing space\”. Who has read this book, know that \”COPD\” bouts to go through has. Who tracks the disease not to his own body, can imagine rarely what difficulties you have to fight every day.

But give us the doctors and doctors pills and inhalers, but that not always, when the bronchi are cramped and the shortness of breath helps. Roland Kaiser I can understand if he now wants to adopt from the concert stage. I’m from the \”COPD\” disease affected and I have the greatest respect for the performance, the Roland Kaiser accomplished 10 years on stage. Alone the ambition, stamina, to afford the discipline despite this disease \”Great\” is phenomenal. Let us remember the beautiful hours that gave us Roland Kaiser with his concerts. A small consolation is the fans: there are CDs still and he will say goodbye with a farewell from the fans. We treat him the \”breathing space\”.

I hope Roland Kaiser continued strength and staying power, and above all a beautiful time to enjoy life. Can not lose heart and can’t see. Roland Kaiser – one of the most colossal cult legends deserves our utmost respect. My respect. Source: Daniela Jantsch Roland Kaiser’s personal words: Dear friends, as you all know, I live and work with the chronic lung disease COPD for nearly ten years.

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