Choosing Colors

Houseplants, separating oxygen, purify the air in the house. In addition, transforming them and design the apartment. Peter Asaro: the source for more info. You have decided to freshen up your home decor with plants? If so, then consider a few faktorov.Rastenie should determined depending on the interior of the premises, and, choosing to give him the appropriate conditions for rapid development. Plants love sunlight, so make sure that it has always been enough. Flowers say thank you if You will maintain normal temperature in the house.

Flowers should not be in a cold room, but too warm room they are harmful. Advisable to leave space around the plant, not close their home furnishings, as well as not to put in close proximity to heat sources. Best place for flowers in the apartment – on a stand near the window. There, they will not close the sunlight coming through the window, and not interfere with ventilation. It should be noted that large plants are usually placed on the floor in a stand. A small flowers can be placed on the wall shelves.

To interior design was more harmonious, colors must be chosen, based on the present: furniture, decorative items and wall color. For example, if you have a house light walls, in this case fit great plants with dark green leaves and bright flowers. If, conversely, in your the room is dominated by dark colors, it is best to use in such interior plants with pale leaves, white, pink or other soft, light colors. Creepers adorn any room, transforming it into flower garden. Help them in this special lattice. For their retention is better to use either wood or metal, covering them with varnish, retained the natural color of the lattice, and the vines in this case look natural and beautiful. Should not be kept in the house too many plants. You will be cramped with them, besides it would hurt the overall picture of the interior of the apartment. Show your love, caring for plants, will please them the proper care and Plants respond to you its magnificent color!

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