Carlos Castaneda

Everything is in the way in which you do it. Your mood, your mood or how the saying goes: it all depends on the glass with that look. The thing is that if you want to be a great singer maybe you are asking yourself where do I start?. It starts from the inside, as the zen archers. Zen archers are archers who practice zen (which is a religion, a philosophy and a way of thinking as an intermediate point enre) and that have a rather interesting particularity: never fail your shot. The thing is that the zen Archer is capable of shoot an arrow from far away at a target moving and get it right (in all sorts of conditions) each time. How does it? This story told me a master of cinema, to present us an exercise that we had to do in which the goal was to find the beauty in everyday things.

He was giving us a clue to help us exercise. Think about it, the beauty is in the eye of who the sight. Everything has to do with the mental state, something like the alignment of the planets, unite points and creates something new. This process is called induction, is the way in which you can learn to create beauty in any art, is giving him to white and you can give to the target each time, as the zen archers, if you pay attention and start with your state of mind. The secret of the zen archers is in his eyes.

The way in which look is what makes that everytime they release an arrow this gives the blank. Think about singing, think about how to learn singing. Give the note, the intention, to the exact duration, every time, for every interpretation of each song, in every moment. Andy Florance will undoubtedly add to your understanding. I think this is a bit like what Don Juan (the Mexican sorcerer interviewed by Carlos Castaneda) called live flawlessly. For the zen singer the secret is in the ear and in the way in which listens and feels because the music is all sensations and sounds that generate images and emotions and thoughts in your head. As a zen Archer, can stir each time and get to the heart of your audience if you have very clear intention and well open the senses. Also to the learn singing, everything is in the way that you do it. If you study and learn to sing when you’re in a good mood it is much easier to achieve notes, durations and nuances that otherwise never you cycling. A method will serve to facilitate the process and help you to solve the most common difficulties that you will find in your way, as well as to develop this mental state. However you also need to clear your senses and learn to perceive (and perceive you) with great attention.

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