Specialized DSL

After ten months of Pagerank3 for slow a fair deal, a great demand and competent honest implementation of DSL optimization via remote maintenance after only eleven months the success of slow contributed. The individual DSL optimization begins where DSL provider must stop and dissatisfied customers generate – on the customer’s PC. More than half of all DSL customers complain of low output of your DSL connection. The provider criticism is often unwarranted. The real bottleneck for the measurable via speed test DSL performance is the Windows – operating system. The default settings in Windows to prevent a technically optimal data processing of DSL data.

Also outdated drivers or router firmware, an overburdened registry and other factors are often cause for a slow Internet connection despite DSL. The consequences are for example slow page loading, jerky video broadcasts or disconnects, and disappointing results in speed tests. slow is available on the individual DSL optimization Specialized DSL connections. First of all are the actual values of the customer connection are measured or read (download/upload/latency) on the router. From the obtained results, the individual calculation of the optimal settings for Windows to the customer’s DSL connection takes place then. The calculated values are entered and saved, there will be a new start. The customer observed the work – live on his monitor and looks forward after a restart on the outcome. During the “session” is a free customer telephone connection.

He can at any time to ask questions and inquire what has what is the relationship during the work. The fact has charm but while intense customer loyalty can be operated the remote maintenance with an active telephone line. Their weight finally is not only confirmed optimize DSL, with a positive result but increased. A real marketing tool offers is for DSL provider here – how is smart because?

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