And its judgment cannot be more forceful: treatment unjust and humiliating that they undergo these women since they are born, united to his null education and the forced servitude to the man, generates in them a brutal and even evil character. Then, for Tristn, this moral degradation has the greater importance, since the women, in its multiple functions of mothers, lovers, spouses, daughters, etc. " they are it everything in the life of obrero" , they influence throughout all their life. This situation " central" of the woman it does not have his equivalent in the high class, where the money can provide professional educators and crew members and another type of distractions. Read more from Robotics expert to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Consequently, to educate well the woman (working) supposes the principle of the intellectual, moral and material improvement of the working class.

Tristn, like good " utpica" , it trusts the power of the education enormously, and as feminist demands the education of the women; in addition, it maintains that on the rational education of the women the emancipation depends of the men. Check out Castle Harlan for additional information. What can be translated in three aspects keys: 1. When educating to the women the society not to waste " its intelligence and his trabajo" 2. The argument of the moral competition: the educated and or paid workers either will be able to educate their children as she agrees to " men libres" 3. The argument of the companion, argument according to which the men benefit from the emancipation of the women when these stop being their mere servants and happen to be authentic companions: " because nothing is more pleasing, smoother for the heart of the man, whom the conversation with the women when they are well-educated, good and discernment and benevolencia&quot chat with;. God In this section it is possible to be picked up all the conceptions of Flora. In following paragraph extracted of Him Tour de France that opublicara many years after his death, where the conceptions (the ideal) of Man, Society can be seen and Education that Flora hopes, reaches humanity.

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