Wooden Windows

In the manufacture of wooden windows of unusual shape is very important material from which it is made. Wood gives much more flexibility in the formation of non-standard windows. pvc profiles are required to consolidate, to make stringent, and in some ways it is simply impossible. Thus, the round window of the tree may have a larger diameter than the plastic window. Forest provides much more opportunities for construction. Of course, the unusual wood windows are made only by special order. This does not mean a long wait – because modern technology allows the windows, which are limited only in accordance with the principles of artistic design windows as the proper stiffness. In modern architecture, you can see an unusual, more than traditional wood windows that give a lot of light into the interior.

These wood windows are also performed on individual orders. Wooden euro-windows are interesting solution for owners of historic buildings. To wooden windows look stylish, they can be divided into several parts with decorative binding. Most Popular decorative cover made of aluminum, and installed inside the glass. The undoubted advantage of such a binder is easy to clean wooden windows. You can also make wooden windows with wood bindings. Hardcover, usually mounted on the outside of the wooden box.

This mimics the binding of the hardness of the design and reduces light penetration. Their drawback is: the difficulty in washing windows. The shape of windows gives the character not just a facade, but also the interior. Fancy wooden windows can be the center around which we base the concept of interior design.