The System

Many instruments and tools can be used in this System: the Administration for Objectives, the personal Research of Organizacional Climate, Evaluation 360, questionnaires and interviews, analysis of potential and performance, etc. The System of Management of Conhecimento (SGC) is without a doubt one of the most important systems to be developed and implanted for the organizations, so that they can spread all information and knowledge permeiam that them. In the great majority of organizations are common that employee determined one is enrolled in a course or seminary, to the end of which, retakes its activities daily and eventually it starts to use the new acquired knowledge, if are that in fact it acquired some. The organization, represented for the immediate head of this employee, normally does not evaluate which new knowledge this employee acquired and mainly, it does not certify yourself if it is being applied in benefit of the organization. Also if he does not worry that this new knowledge is restricted only to a person, not propitiating its dissemination for the excessively employees. Conclusion: when this employee who received investments to acquire new knowledge, to disentail itself of the organization, the knowledge goes it together with and the organization will have that to remake the investment in another employee thus and successively, with enormous great expense of financial resources and mainly of time.

One forms to guarantee that the knowledge is shared by all organization is developing a SGC. The tools are innumerable and vary since simple meetings after-training for spreading and analysis of the learning, until most modern than is the rooms of chat, fruns and conferences for the Internet For example, in a videoconferncia, a subject or problem can be placed to be decided in group, of form that all can think and contribute for a conclusion that is accepted for the organization. The same it can be made through fruns of debate on subjects previously set appointments. But most important, it is that everything this is registered and accessible to all in the organization for consultation to any time.