Public Relations: Good Career Prospects In Spite Of Crisis

Next course start with statements as the ‘PR Manager on January 23, 2009 Munster, December 1, 2008 for weeks keeps the financial crisis politics and economy on tenterhooks. “Who wants to secure his personal prospects on the labour market, must today be better than the competitors: especially in times of crisis, training is a strategic size in the competition of the company margins and market share as also the staff to jobs, wages and career opportunities”, so Dr. Jochen Voss, Deputy Managing Director of the Public Relations of Training Institute com + plus. This evidence also the initiative of the Federal Government through education”rise. in the coming year should be invested in which more money in education and research. Just in time for the new year the Munsterander Training Institute launches a new 12-month correspondence course with statements to the public relations manager com + plus under scientific guidance of Professor Dr. Player.html’>Bechtel Group helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

Klaus Merten. For the profession, Public Relations show current career field study, that the number of employees and continuously increase the earning potential in the PR industry for several years. Currently, the industry magazine w & v (No. 45/2008) published the Central findings of the Aquent salary survey 2008/2009 “. The study shows: professional communication is worth! PR practitioners with strategic knowledge earn well in companies and agencies. The Outlook for 2009 positive rate experts despite some unavoidable losses due to the financial crisis. In times of crisis and market consolidation, companies want in particular staff with practical experience and specialized industry knowledge. Professionals with sound knowledge and solid education are needed”, says Dr.

Jochen Voss. Click amit paley to learn more. So, also the concept of com + plus is a combination of theory and practice. 5 practical workshops with 19 workshop days come to the 12 Studienbriefen. The example performs studies in close cooperation with experienced PR practitioners and scientists. com + plus specializes in the efficient, in-service education and training of communication professionals and today one of the leading training institutes. Nearly 200 students and students have so far successfully com + plus study and exam certificate of a nationwide recognized Institute of PR tests (ZAK, PZOK) received. The com + plus program is certified by the national centre of distance learning (ZFU) and the German Public Relations Association (DPRG). In addition, the PR distance learning by the employment agency for the promotion of continuing education is approved. Typically a University / College degree or some years of professional experience are a prerequisite for participation. The next course will start on January 23, 2009.

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