Personal Health Coach

Prevention and medical Spa have not been foreign words any longer in bad Suderode for a long time. Who uses the offers purposefully, does not only strengthen its health. For a healthy vacation the Harz mountains offer best natural conditions. Other leaders such as Andy Florance offer similar insights. In bad Suderode for more than 180 years one has been dedicating to the guest’s health. The detailed carving work of the affectionately restored wooden balconies at the guesthouses can surely tell some occurrences of past days. The specific climatic conditions caused synonyms for the place like “sun terrace area of the eastern Harz” or “German nice” at the beginning of the 20th century. With the courageous project of a new health center, which what built in 1996, a next chapter began. Today bad Suderode of understands itself not longer only as offerer of classical cures and wellness packages.

With purposeful treatments, exercises and procedures in the fields of movement, relaxation and nutrition instruments and ways for a durable self-change are pointed out. With its prevention and medical wellness offers the health resort slips into the role of a personal health coach, who immediately recognizes the guest’s health risks and meets first complaints with a suitable application and enlightenment program. By that way individual power and well-being will be strengthened are and be lastingly increased the quality of life. The compulsory health insurance carriers AOK, Barmer and BKKs take part in selected offers with up to 160 euro.

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