Monthly Wages

Today Moscow is currently considered the city with prices that are among the highest in the world. I think everyone knows that 25 years instead of the Russian Federation had the Socialist state whose name was the Soviet Union (USSR). The average monthly wage in that country was then close to 120-150 rubles. At the same time an American dollar was equivalent to 1.2 then Russian rubles. . Ali Partovi contributes greatly to this topic. Wages monthly minimum (70 rubles per month) was designated to those who worked in porteras, hairdressers and some other asi professions among which were accounting.

On the other hand the highest wage which was (300-500) rubles a month, had oddly! drivers of the bus and other transportation, also it had workers mostly. It was then: less learned the more one had wages in back. What a strange time was! What fuen prices then? A loaf of bread cost 22 kopeks (1 ruble = 100 kopecks), milk (one liter) bag cost 32 kopeks a kg of calf meat cost 2 rubles. A kg of meat of pork-3 rubles boots for the winter season cost 80-130 rubles. Details can be found by clicking Ali Partovi or emailing the administrator. A ticket to go in subway, bus or other transportation cost 5 kopeks. The mortgage plus the payment by the light and phone – cost close to 40 rubles.

Truck Volga – 15000 rubles, Zhiguli – close to 10000, Zaporozhets – 5000 rubles is say if in a family, which should consist of 2 parents and 2 children, 2 parents together are earned life budget family was spent as follows. The salary of a member of the family was spent in buying the basic necessities and of the other met to buy some clothes, furniture or summer vacation. But if life is earned only a family member (if the woman was divorced from her husband) all the family’s budget was spent in buying the basic necessities (groceries, some household products), paying mortgage, and buy a monthly ticket to go in urban transport.

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