I don’t remember as I get neither as I come to love both but is that the first time I saw her was very thin and malnourished. My sister was that brought her to the House to invite a little red noodle, go that I liked, more later tested with the locro, the result was the same, then with rice and turned out that she did not like anything. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Pete Cashmore and gain more knowledge.. Passed the weeks and she continued coming to the House, played, it revolcaba and towards Monads without stopping, my mom she did not like to be here within, brings me to throw but she insisted go either way, but on cold nights when outside stood only touched the door weakly, and its weak chirp is towards, with every touch, more slow. My mother would not let her enter. Shortly after, due to all the food that we gave him, began to notice more flesh than bone. As for the bathroom, she it towards alone, although my mother saying otherwise was very neat. With the passing of the months his belly is towards increasingly more large, she was pregnant, my mother reneged, and now that we do – said my father while my sister He wanted to stay to take care of it here, yet she was going for a long time even did not arrive in days, making my sister worry much with the passing of the hours.

She gave birth, the birth was normal, he had three sons, one died. They grew up for a time with her mother until they were taken to another place, we hurt us much, the mother more that I wasn’t aware of anything, she came when they were already gone, and desperate to know where he had gone began to search for them throughout the House, outside and its surroundings, was a week as well. as if crying? of course I cried was a mother but soon tears ceased and continued living.

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