Leoni Singer

Carlos Leoni Rodrigues Siqueira Jnior, more known as Leoni, was born in Rio De Janeiro, 8 of April of 1961 and is singer and composer. He initiated its career touching low to the 16 when &#039 formed its first band in partnership of friends of the intitled school; ' Chrisma' '. In 1981, it integrated the Kid band Bee as its main composer, together with George Israel, Paula Toller and, later, Bruno Fortunato. In 1986, it started to sing its proper compositions, creating ' ' Heroes of the Resistncia' ' , famous group for the songs ' ' Only Pro My Prazer' ' ' ' Double de Corpo' '. For questions of divergent objectives, the band if undid. Its alone career had beginning in 1993, with the launching of the song ' ' Boys II' '. In the same year, he also made success with ' ' Carro and Grana' '. Two years later, in 1995, &#039 launched the book; ' Letter, Music and Other Conversas' ' , that he contains interviews of Russian Renato, Herbert Vianna, Lobo, Frejat, Adriana Calcanhotto, Marina, Samuel Rosa and Nando Kings regarding composition of songs.

In 2002, it launched ' ' You Know what I Want Dizer' ' , whose prominences go for hits ' ' Fotografia' ' , ' ' Season of the Flores' ' , ' ' The Letters that I Not Mando' ' ' ' Better pra Mim' '. When perceiving that great part of the public did not recognize its authorship in success musics, it launched the album ' ' Audio; ' , in 2003, that it congregated in one alone optimum place of its repertoire. With the success of the previous album, Leoni launches a COMPACT DISC and a DVD ' ' To the Vivo' ' , that it relieved 85 a thousand copies of COMPACT DISC and 50 a thousand of the DVD. Click Andy Florance to learn more. The year of 2006 marked the writing of ' ' Another Futuro' ' , that also it relieved a DVD. One year later, Leone passed if to approach to its fans for the Internet, interacting with them in the Orkut. In 2008, following the same half online, a time for month disponibilizou a music for that was registered in cadastre in its site. Moreover, the material would come folloied of its letter, ciphers and description of composition and writing. In 2010, the singer &#039 launched its last called COMPACT DISC; ' The Perfeita&#039 Night; '. If to want to more know on the singer and composer of success, have access the site of letters of musics and see the letters of the Leoni.

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